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-Summ3rtime- -Summ3rtime-

Rated 5 / 5 stars




Keep this up man. Funky and enjoyable!

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Zero Bombers Pwned! Zero Bombers Pwned!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I agree.

Now why didn't this get Top 5?

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Stalagmite responds:

HAHAHA! :D well i wish it did! hehe, it seems to reach alot of people! ^_^ maybe in the future it will get more recognition heh. thanks for listening man!

Newgrounds Chat Newgrounds Chat

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You'll be keeping to your promise now won't you?

In all seriousness this really made me laugh :D.

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MH16: It's Time MH16: It's Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Continued Review...

...Here's your review continued, since I ran out of characters. Back to business.

The intro was very good, and the fact that it built up so well and gradually just added to its awesomeness. As for the ending, it's one of the few drum endings that I actually like, although in my opinion, I think you could add the piano chord you did at 2:14 to the crash cymbal at 2:16, since I always prefer songs which have an ending note and crash cymbal to them, rather than just a crash cymbal or just an ending note. I liked that you started the same way as you ended, since it provided an effective intro and outro, in my opinion.

The drums are OK. Maybe a bit too simple at times, but overall I really liked the drums, and they had a good beat to them. Still, your kick is extremely weak: I think the drums would really benefit with a more powerful kick, or at least turn it up a little more, since I can only hear it if I turn my volume up more than usual and listen hard. Drum samples were OK, other than the weak kick, and I liked the sound of your cymbals. The drums were also just the right volume too, and matched with the song well.

Overall, this is one of my favourite pieces from you, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My complaints are just nitpicks, to be honest. If I had to change anything, it'd just be to humanize the song a bit more, add that climax instead of fade into the piano and make that kick a little louder, maybe add some more complex beats in more powerful parts. Still, your variety, melodies, instrument choice, instrument quality, transitions, structure, intro, outro and drums in general really impressed me. Keep up the amazing work! Man, I don't know why I think of credits when I hear this song xP.

-Review Request Club-

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FairSquare responds:

Good points on the ending and on the drums. Thanks!
You know, i really like the last paragraph you wrote, summing everything up. Keep up writing reviews like this man, they are awesome. And you are awesome :D
Anyway, you said that this is one of your favourite pieces from me and i can tell you that.. i'm working on a song that is better than this one. But you'll hear about that ;p

Again, thanks. I can't thank you enough. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks.

Hyperactive (WIP) Hyperactive (WIP)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Continued Review.

Here's the continued review from my Supersteph54 review. Tired of reading already? xD.

The intro is pretty good, even though it's like the generic fade in that people do in so many techno/trance/dance songs. Still, decent intro :). The ending is pretty bad though. I've never really been a fan of fade-outs - I think you should give this a proper ending. I don't know if the fade-out is because this is not finished or because you couldn't think of any other way to end the song, but anyhow, I think this could do with a final ending note to mark the end of all of the hyperactiveness.

The drums, unfortunately, are very repetitive. I liked your use of the crash cymbals, but the beat itself was almost the same for the whole song. It's good that there were a few parts in the song where the drums weren't playing, but still, that's not enough drum variety for 4 and a half minutes. I'm sure this song could benefit with a few other counter-drum beats. Still, on the bright side, I liked your snare rolls, they were a nice touch.

Well, that ends my huge review. As a recap, I think this has catchy melodies, smooth transitions, great intro, nice crash cymbals/snare rolls and fits with the name extremely well because of its simple yet effective structure. Just work on the variety, the synths, the effects and the ending, mainly. Sorry for the harsh review, I figured you'd prefer a harsh and helpful review rather than a kind review full of praise. Thanks for reviewing my song Speeding Through Infinity, and as promised, your review has been returned! :D. Anyway, keep it up, and good job in all!

-Review Request Club-

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Dj-GST responds:

Haha, the fade out ending is because it's not finished and I didn't want to make a complete one jsut for the WIP version. I am going to work on a proper one fur the full version though.

I know, I know...the drums....repetitive... This is again because I was lazy and wanted to fishish this quick, I love varying drum patterns and I am definitely goin to work on tons of variation for the full.

I thaought, at least, I should make the crashes decent. I made them specifically to accentuate startings and endings of melodies, as well as just for drum purposes. I'm glad you like the way I did them, I plan on keeping them that way :)

I'm glad you like the snare rolls, I wasn't sure how good they were considering that I didn't really fade them in or anything.

Yes, I'd much rather a person be harsh and helpful in their review, rather than lying and saying that it's the best song ever. You have given me the most helpful review I've had so far, and I thank you good sir!

CT - Battle Theme CT - Battle Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Continued Review...

...This is the continued review from my Supersteph54 review, since I ran out of characters in my review (they really should add more characters x[]). Anyway...

As for the intro and outro, it's pretty strange. The intro is perfect for a loop, and the outro is just plain weird and doesn't sound like a good outro for a loop or a good ending for a song either. If you want to end it as a song, if I were you, I'd play that jazz-like hit you did at the beginning and leave it to echo a little at the end. Still, I strongly suggest looping it, since it'd grab more flash animators' attention, and also I think it would sound better as a loop. If you want to loop it, then simply remove all of the silence you did at the end since that provided a rough and eerie loop.

As for the drums, I've never heard of drums as crazy as those before :P. As I said, every fourth bar or so had a powerful and fast-paced drum roll, which brings me to the fact that I think the drums are a slight bit too crazy, and they may be one of the culprits which made this song a bit too cluttered and crazy. They were varied to the point that they almost sounded random, and they were so quick and sort of tore through the song at top speed. Maybe you should add some parts without drums, and calming the drums down a little.

However, on the bright side, the drums fit with the song extremely well, the beats were nice, even though they were so crazy (wow, I used crazy so many times in this review :P), and the samples were awesome, so although they could do with some calming down, they were extremely well executed and were also just the right volume - good enough to be heard nice and clear, but not loud enough to penetrate the song and get in the way of the melodies.

Anyway, that ends my long review. Overall, this is a very very cool remix, which doesn't have much to fix before I can call it perfect. Just work a little more on how to end it (as a song or loop), adding some structure changes here and there, maybe some ambient/calm parts or buildups too, calming the drums down a little and fixing some of the other nitpicks that I mentioned in the review. In general, keep up the AWESOME work - a few more songs like this and you'll be going straight to my favourite artists list. The mix of styles and genres is so good in this song that I couldn't help downloading it and voting 5. Great job, I loved it, and you left me begging for more!
Oh, and would you mind reviewing my submission Cobra? (remove spaces): n/308377
Thanks, and as I said, keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

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CandySoup responds:


Once More - F-777 Once More - F-777

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

...Continued Review.

Here's the continued review from the review I made on Supersteph54. As I was saying...

The intro to the song is very good, and I said before, the buildup was awesome, and started the song up perfectly, plus the great sounding sound effect just added to the awesomeness. As for the ending, well, it was really weird. Usually Dance songs end with a boom or something, but this sort of ended leaving the listener saying 'Hmm, that's it?'. Try and end it with something a little more action-packed, and the last note having a reverbed kick and crash to signify the ending. Right now it ended on a weird note, and was slightly abrupt. You can loop it if you want, but that would mean changing the intro, and usually Dance songs aren't loops anyway :P.

The drums are awesome. I definitely can't find anything wrong with them. The variety of beats was amazing, and I liked that you used a crash in some parts of the song. I also enjoyed the fact that your drum beats were sometimes soft (1:51) and sometimes action-packed and dance-ish (2:32), and also that there were some parts where there were no drums playing at all, which was cool. Another good thing was that the variety of the drums was decent too, the beats were well done and the drum rolls were excellent. Maybe you could make your kick a slight bit harder, since it sounds a little weak right now. Layer it with a few other kicks or something ^^.

It's a really awesome dance song, and I enjoyed it a lot. It's enough to get anyone to get off their seat and start dancing most of the time. What this song has are three main problems. Generic melodies, weird ending and too many calm parts, and those two are what moved the score down to a 9. Still, I downloaded the song, and although it may not be one of your best, it's still great. It's an awesome NG song, but just not really an awesome F-777 song if you get what I mean ;). Whatever, keep up the good work, and sorry for the huge review(s). I hope I'm allowed to use two accounts :S. Anyway, keep up the great work!

-Review Request Club-

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